Established and led by Laurene Powell Jobs, we work to create new possibilities for individuals and communities.  Our work is focused on advancing immigration reform, reimagining the future of high school, seeking an end to gun violence in Chicago, championing environmental justice, and accelerating cancer research and treatments.

Emerson Collective deploys a wide range of tools—from impact investing to philanthropy to advocacy—in pursuit of a more equal and just America.  Emerson Health partners with leading, cutting-edge researchers and innovative entrepreneurs to help transform groundbreaking scientific discoveries into potentially groundbreaking treatments for patients with significant, unmet needs.  We work across the entire drug development pipeline, from the lab to the clinic, and across all types of cancer and modalities of treatment.

Emerson Collective is impatient but optimistic, and bold but pragmatic in its approach.  To meet the ambitious goals of its founder, Emerson Collective is seeking colleagues with both the audacity to dream up new ways to improve the world, and the determination to make them a reality.  By encouraging collaboration and innovation across the entire cancer research ecosystem, we aim to accelerate the technology, treatments, and standard of care that have the power to improve the health and lives of cancer patients.


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